June 25, 2009.  Nearly 3 years since the passing of ‘The gloved one’, we still are reminded of the G.O.A.T, Michael Jackson.  Passed away but really never gone.  He left us the moonwalk, Billy Jean and his bedazzled fashion inspirations.  From vintage records to his impersonators, he lives on.

Walking down 7th in New York City was, what I’ve come to believe, the best Michael Jackson impersonator in the country.  He walks confidently with his right hand in his pocket, just as how the real MJ would and then suddenly does the iconic pose, the crotch grab on his tippy toes and hand in the air.  He, Michael Jackson, was hailing a cab for a lady who seemed to be on her way to the airport.  Missing the photo opportunity I acted as if I was hailing a cab too, didn’t seem to work (maybe if I had curves and a dress on, that might of helped).  I approached the King and asked for a pose and without a word he takes out a dollar bill, signaling me to tip him first.  I couldn’t blame his New York State of mind and his hustle, plus I wouldn’t have cared giving him a single, but none was on me.  With that said, I never got that pose, but I did capture him walking away to 42nd street, where he works for the wax museum.

Photo taken by Paul Chin of

lol people actually thought it was MJ,you can tell it’s a impersonator just by looking at the hairstyle and cheap clothes.

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